Classroom A / Beginning April 11, 9:15-10:15am

Philippians is a wonderful short Epistle that is full of thankfulness and joy.  Here are some of the reason's Paul wrote this letter to the believers at Philippi (and to us).

  • To spur them on to progress in their Christian growth
  • To warn of those who proclaim another gospel.
  • To reiterate the true gospel  and encourage them to hold tightly to it.
  • To encourage their unity and confront any lack of unity.
  • To call them to joy and thankfulness and peace.
  • To plead with them to keep their eyes on Christ and the hope of heaven.



Library / Beginning April 11, 9:15-10:15am

God's World Mission will trace the roots of God's heart for the world from Genesis to Revelation. We will look at:

  • Biblical Basis for Missions
  • Historical Foundation of Missions
  • Cultural and Global Nature of Missions
  • Strategic Practice of Missions.